In February 1998 Juvenilia was established as the European network of young opera friends at a meeting in Milan. The initiative was a follow-up to the first European Youth Cultural Meeting organised at the Salzburger Festspiele in 1987. That event was a great success. During six days young people from all over Europe took part in workshops, met artists, attended performances and much more. People's wish to stay in touch and share their impressions and feelings about opera and theatre led to the creation of Juvenilia.


What does Juvenilia do?

We gather young people who have a passion for the performing arts, by connecting opera houses and festivals' Young Friends Associations.

Juvenilia's aim is to improve communication between Young Friends Associations on a European level and spread the word among potentially interested people, as well as fostering the creation of new youth clubs in collaboration with opera houses and festivals.


Our member clubs and partner theatres host 'International Opera Events' to which the Juvenilia network is invited to participate. At these events, young opera friends from all across Europe (number of participants differ from 10 to 100 persons) enjoy opera, ballet and classical music performances together, as well as a cultural and social program organised by the local young friends. Examples of other activities of these weekends are: cultural work shops, back stage theatre tours, meetings with opera directors and singers, city tours, social dinners to taste the local cuisine and after-opera cocktails.


Juvenilia gathers once a year in the the General Assembly where members exchange ideas, discuss the future of the network and future events in the frame of a great Juvenilia event, which mostly takes place over the course of a weekend.